Screeches and squawks

This week, Science Club explored how to make some strange sounds from a piece of string and a paper cup. We attached the string to the cup and decorated the cups with different designs.

When the string was rubbed with a piece of damp cloth, the vibrations moved up the string to the cup and the sound was amplified. We produced some strange screeches, cackles, clucks and squaws ! Just listen to these …

Shrieking pumpkin

Screeching phoenix

Squawking 3-eyed monster

Scary vampire

Clucking bird

Then we explored how we could to change the loudness and the pitch of the sound. A small cup with a thin string made a screech like a little mouse. A big crate with a larger, thicker string sounded like a distressed cow!

We also found out about  “musical roads” where special raised markings have been set into the road surface.  When a car drives along the road, it vibrates and makes a musical note.  The sound changes depending on how far apart the road markings are placed. So when you drive along the road at a steady speed, you can hear a musical tune!

See and listen to it here : musical road video