Year 2 Half Term Home Learning

October 19, 2018

This half term Year 2 have taken on the role of Harrison Green Team, we have been learning about David Attenborough and the impact of plastics on our seas and oceans. For your half term holiday we would like you to be environmental warriors.  How many of thes challenges can you and your family achieve? […]

Colourful marbled milk

October 18, 2018

Year 5 Science Club discovered some colourful tricks that you can do with a plate of milk. We put a few drops of food colouring into milk, then added a small amount of washing up liquid.  The colouring started to swirl around and make a marbled pattern. We were able to transfer the colours onto […]

Year 6 Maths Home Learning 18/10/18 – Miss Howells’s Group

October 17, 2018

Hello Year 6,   Here’s this week’s home learning… Home Learning 17 Oct Multiplication

Air cannon

October 15, 2018

Science Club have been busy demonstrating that an empty plastic beaker may appear to have nothing in it … but in fact it is full of air molecules.   We made mini “air cannon” by attaching a balloon to one end of the cup and producing a blast of air that can make other objects move. We […]

Year 2 – Home Learning

October 12, 2018

This week for your homework we would like you to sort out the mixed up words.  Are they verbs, nouns or adverbs? week 6 adj verb adverb Week 6 Cover Remember, you can earn an extra merit point for reading on bug club this week.  Happy Reading!   Miss Whitelock, Mrs Lancaster and Miss Watts

Year 6 Maths Home Learning 12/10/18 – Miss Howells’s Group

October 11, 2018

Hello Year 6, Here’s this week’s maths home learning: Home Learning 12 Oct Mental Multiplication

What’s in a nappy?

October 10, 2018

Last week, Science Club took a close look at a (clean, unused!) baby’s nappy to see the different amazing materials that are used to make modern nappies.  We noticed the types of layers, fastenings and elastic.  Then we looked closer at the filling inside the nappy and and found that it contained small granules of […]

Year 2 Home Learning – Friday 5th October

October 5, 2018

In maths this week we have been thinking about number bonds to 20, we have built them with equipment and wrote our own part whole models. For your maths home learning this week we would like you to complete the challenge that matches your class activities. -number-bonds-to-20-on-robots-activity-sheet_ver_2 week 5 HA challenge nb to 20   […]

Year 6 Maths Home Learning 5/10/18- Miss Howells’s Group

October 4, 2018

Hello Year 6, Here’s this week’s maths home learning: Home Learning 5 Oct Addition and Subtraction Probs and Multiplication

Year 2 Poetry Reading

October 2, 2018

This week we have been reciting and performing poetry about nocturnal animals. IMG_0003