Year 6 Maths Home Learning 1/12/17- Miss Howells’s Group

November 30, 2017

Hello Year 6, Here’s this week’s home learning: Home Learning 1 Dec Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Y3 Homework 1.12.17

November 30, 2017

Year 3 Roman Day

November 30, 2017

We enjoyed a fantastic day with Sir Teachalot yesterday. As a year group we explored armour and weapons used by Romans and Gladiators. Then we discovered some of the many punishments used by the Romans. As we explored the ancient past we laughed a lot! Who knew that they used real wolf skin to keep […]

Year 6 English Homework 1/12/17

November 29, 2017

Hello Year 6, Here’s this week’s homework, have fun and be creative!   week 12 shield design homework

November 29, 2017

Year 4 enjoyed their music lessons on Tuesday afternoon, the last practice before their singing concert on Tuesday, 5th December at 2:40 pm. Hope you can join us.  

Digging up the past!

November 27, 2017

This afternoon we became archaeologists and learned all about Anglo-Saxon life. We dug up a variety of artefacts and  tried to predict what they were used for. Millie wearing an Anglo-Saxon helmet replica. Some of the items we found. Lola and Mya in traditional Anglo-Saxon clothing. By: Maddy Denford Y4K Digital Leader

Strange coloured snow

November 23, 2017

It was snowing in Y5 Science Club this week … strange multicoloured snow!  This was a special type of artificial snow made by adding water to an amazing substance called a SuperAbsorbent Polymer (SAP) which swells up quickly when it gets wet. We experimented with adding different colours of water to make some unusual coloured […]

Year 6 Maths Home Learning 24/11/17 – Miss Howells’s Group

November 23, 2017

Hello Year 6, I’ve been very impressed with your excellent reasoning when comparing fractions this week- well done! Here’s this week’s home learning; Home Learning 24 Nov Simplifying and Comparing Fractions


November 23, 2017

Y4K have been helping Miss Krick feel at home by celebrating Thanksgiving with her.

Year 6 English Home Learning 24/11/17

November 22, 2017

Hello Year 6, Here’s this week’s homework: week 11 Active passive voice homework