Year 1 learning 30.1.17

January 31, 2017

This week we will be continuing our learning of writing stories! When we arrived on Monday morning a terrible crime had happened in the kitchen! Evil swede had captured leak and was trying to peel supertatoes skin off! We are going to be writing the solutions and then reading them to supertato so that he […]

Slime time again

January 30, 2017

Science Club have been exploring the ever popular slime, made from PVA glue. Is it a liquid or is it a solid? See what our slime could do! Save Save

Year 1 learning this week-23.1.17

January 30, 2017

This week in English year 1 are learning how  to sequence stories and thinking of adjectives to describe the characters in the story ‘Supertato’! Can you write your own sentences about supertato and the pea at home? In maths we are looking at describing the properties of 3D shapes and where we see them in the […]

Potato power

January 29, 2017

This week in Science Club we have been making electricity in unexpected ways.  Did you know that you can use fruit and vegetables to make enough electricity to run a calculator ? We made a simple battery using a potato, a copper coin, a zinc coated nail and some wires. Chemical reactions between the metals […]

Year 6 Maths Home Learning 27/1/17- Miss Howells’s Group

January 29, 2017

Hello Year 6, Here is this week’s maths home learning: Maths Home Learning 27 Jan Angles About A Point Lines and Circles

Year 6 English Home Learning 27/1/17

January 27, 2017

Hello Year 6, Here is this week’s home learning: Rainforest Text For Comprehension 27 Jan 2017 Reading Comp 27 Jan 2017

Year 3 Homework w.e. 27th January 2017

January 27, 2017

In English we are writing our own adventure story based on the story “The Tunnel” by Anthony Browne.  As part of this, we are learning how to write dialogue ensuring that we use a variety of dialogue verbs e.g groaned, asked, questioned as well as the correct punctuation.  This week we would like you to […]

Year 3 Home Learning w.e. 20.1.17

January 19, 2017

Hand in Date 25th January 2017 In Geography this half term we are looking at a range of maps and our local area.  For your homework this week, we would like you to draw a map of your bedroom; ensure all key features are included e.g. bed, wardrobe, book shelf.  Please record this on your […]

Year 6 Maths Home Learning 20/1/17- Miss Howells’s Group

January 18, 2017

Hello Year 6, Here’s this week’s home learning: Home Learning 20 Jan Angles

Year 1 around the world homework project!

January 18, 2017

Just in case you missed the letter detailing the homework project here is a reminder 🙂 the project is not due in until 24th March ready for the projects to parents afternoon on Tuesday 28th March 🙂 Thank you and we look forward to seeing your projects!!