Floating ghosts

October 31, 2016

The Halloween activities continued in Science Club this week when our new group found how to make ghosts, pumpkins and other Halloween shapes mysteriously move and float into the air. The trick uses balloons which have been rubbed with a woollen cloth to give them a negative electrostatic charge.  When the balloon is held near […]

Howells’ Howlers!

October 31, 2016

Prepare to laugh – the best jokes in Harrison will be right here! Miss Howells wants to see your funniest (and groaniest) crackers so comment below! There are 3 categories: Halloween, Fireworks and Maths. Here are a few ‘Howlers’ to start you off! HALLOWEEN: Why did the zombie get arrested for eating cornflakes?          They thought he […]

Year 1 Half Term Homework

October 21, 2016

Just in case you missed the letter, here is the Year 1 homework. We are looking forward to seeing all the work after half term!   This week we have continued to look at instruction writing in English and pairs that make 10/20 in maths. Maybe your child could show you all the ways they […]

Bronze award!

October 21, 2016

These children were awarded their bronze award for 10 merit points in celebration assembly today! Well done! Children can earn merit points for: Showing good manners Excellent work Challenging their own learning Being a kind and caring friend Trying their best at something they find hard!

Be Bright Be Seen Day – Radio Stars

October 21, 2016

What a fantastic bright day we all had at Harrison today!  We were lucky enough to secure an interview with Mr Gooding, one of the winning teachers in the Be Bright, Be Seen competition.   Listen to our short interview below. Molly Dyson and Emma Webster Radio Stars

Half Term Home Learning – Year 4

October 21, 2016

Thank you for a fun first half term, year 4. We hope you all have a fantastic week off and enjoy a much-needed rest. While you are at home next week, we would like you to start to think about next term’s topic, The Anglo Saxons and complete some research to get you started: 21.10.16 – Anglo Saxon […]

Guy Bass and Spynosaur!

October 20, 2016

On the afternoon on Wednesday 19th October, the children from Year 3 and Year 4 were thoroughly entertained by a visit from the author Guy Bass. He told us stories about his childhood, entertained us with funny lies and anecdotes and we all laughed so hard including ALL of the teachers.  He also showed us […]

Year 3 Homework for the half term

October 20, 2016

History – Over the next half term, our topic will mainly focus on ‘The Romans’.  Your task is to carry out some research about the Romans and present your findings as a poster or a fact file.  Please research one of these areas – homes, gods and goddesses, clothing, Roman buildings or food. Please do […]

Maths Home Learning 21/10/16- Miss Howells’s Group

October 20, 2016

Hello Year 6, Well done for how well you did with your mock SATs this week- great determination, resilience and problem solving skills were on display.   Here’s this week’s home learning to explore BIDMAS a little more: Home Learning 21 Oct BIDMAS

Fruit Salad!!

October 18, 2016

Today we made fruit salads as part of our design and technology topic! We were really grown up and used the knives carefully to chop the fruit! Some of us added orange or apple juice- and some of us had both!!! We loved how our fruit looked and tasted! Later this week we will be […]