Year 2 – Home Learning 30 September 2016

September 30, 2016

Year 2, This week we would like you to practice your number bonds to 10 and 20 ready for a little quiz next week.  A really good way to practice is by writing them down but you could also ask an adult to help you by saying a number and you saying the matching one back. […]

Year 6 Maths Home Learning 30/9/16- Miss T and Miss E’s group

September 30, 2016

Hello Year 6,   Here’s this week’s home learning: Mrs T Homework addition and subtraction pyramids  

Year 6 Maths Home Learning 30/9/16- Miss Howells’s Group

September 29, 2016

Hello Year 6,   Here’s this week’s home learning, remember to check your answers using estimation and the inverse:   Home Learning 30 Sep Addition and Subtraction

Year 6 English Home Learning 30/9/16

September 28, 2016

Hello Year 6, You’ve got a head start on this week’s home learning as we’ve posted it early! This is due in on Wednesday 5th October:   week 4 spag page 2 week 4 spag page 1

Spinning around

September 27, 2016

Welcome to the Year 5 Science Club groups this year.  We are looking forward to some new activities, as well as some favourite ones, and we will share our photos with you on the blog. For our first session, Group 1 were challenged to make a spinning top out of a CD, a marble, a […]

Hedgehog Time Travellers

September 26, 2016

Today we travelled back in time to 1666 where we learnt lots of facts about life in London with Ken and Alma from Open Box.    We learnt about the plague and The Great Fire of London.   What was your favourite  fact of the day?  Post it below My favourite fact was that it was so cold in the […]

Year 3 Homework 23.9.16

September 25, 2016

Hand In Date: Wednesday 28th September 2016 Science – Please continue your skeletons.  Don’t forget to label the key bones. Maths – we have been using partitioning and empty numberlines to solve addition and subtraction problems this week.  Please solve the attached problems and record your answers both as a number sentence and on the […]

Year 6 Maths Home Learning 23/9- Miss Howells’s group

September 22, 2016

Hello Year 6,   Here’s this week’s home learning. If you find it tricky, use a number line to bridge 0:   Home Learning 23 Sep Negative Numbers

Year 3 Homework 16th September

September 16, 2016

Date given: Friday 16th September 2016 Please hand in on: Wednesday 28th September 2016 Science – THIS IS A 2 WEEK HOMEWORK This half term we are learning about skeletons, both animal and human.  We would like you to create your own skeleton, it can be either human or animal – you can use any […]

Year 2 Home Learning Friday 16th September.

September 16, 2016

Year 2 home learning can be found at the link below.