Beaulieu- Meandering In To Beaulieu

Before they went home, group 1 meandered in to Beaulieu and saw the village people. The quaint, hilly village was steeped in history and we compared it to Fareham.

We were followed by Burt the bus timetable reading donkey, he tried following us all the way back- eeyore’t to know better!

We bid a pond farewell to group 1 and will update you on group 2 later…


CIMG9473 CIMG9474 CIMG9475 CIMG9477 CIMG9478 CIMG9479 CIMG9480 CIMG9482 CIMG9484 CIMG9485 CIMG9486 CIMG9488



3 Responses to “Beaulieu- Meandering In To Beaulieu”

  1.   Brandon Tidbury Says:

    mule have to do better than that with the puns!

  2.   Mrs L Tidbury, Parent and Governor Says:

    What an amazing experience this has obviously been for you, group 1. It’s been fantastic to share it with you, through the blog and your pictures. I can tell from those mischievous snaps of your teachers that great fun has been had by all; for those of you who like Horrid Henry, Mr Townsend looks ‘too cool for school’!
    Lets hope the puns improve as the week progresses….or it could be a real pigs ear….☺

  3.   Miss Eddleston Says:

    Well done to everyone in group one. You had a brilliant time and were very well behaved on the way home. I hope group 2 enjoy themselves just as much as you have.