Read all about it! Hedgehogs are super learners.

April 30, 2016

We have done some fantastic learning in Hedgehog class this week. We  travelled back in time to the 22nd October 1805 wrote some interesting and informative newspaper reports about the Battle of Trafalgar.  Also we are now really good at telling the time (so you can’t try and trick us into going to bed early any more!).  We […]

Beaulieu- As We Flow Out, We Leaf Behind Great Memories…

April 29, 2016

Today marked our last day in Beaulieu. We did a farm-tastic job of our morning duties- the cows were clamouring for moo-re and the woolly beasts were a little sheepish when we went in to feed them but hay, they enjoyed eating what we left behind! We streamed in to Beaulieu village and saw where the […]

Time to start counting

April 29, 2016

Our Rocket Science project has taken off, and we were amazed to see that the first seeds germinated just 2 days after planting. Today, on Day 10 of our experiment, it was time to count the seedlings in the trays and record how many have germinated. One set of seeds has been up in space […]

Beaulieu- Campfire Marshmallows; A Toast To Our Final Evening

April 28, 2016

Tonight we had some excellent songs around the fire (although Miss Howells’s and Mrs Logan’s voices began to grate a little). Our loud singing made us all a little horse but now, after the flames and sweet treats, we feel a lot mallow-er!   The ducks joined in- they were quackers! Off to sleep now, […]

Beaulieu- Rooting For Good Weather On Our Heathland River Walk…

April 28, 2016

Today we awoke to a frosty reception- the grounds were sparkling white. After an egg-ceptional breakfast (where we got our bac-on!), morning duties commenced. The puns were really baa-d when we were feeding the cattle and goats. We were after some wool but felt a little fleeced. Group A had an ex-seedingly good time whilst […]

Easter chicks and bunnies

April 28, 2016

Before Easter we used our art skills to make a paper and paste bunny or chick! Look at our amazing work!  

Celebrating Reading at HPS!

April 28, 2016

Recently, we all celebrated our love and enjoyment of reading! You can share in our amazing day in our video! [Please note, this video is only hosted on YouTube and is not publicly available unless you are given the link]

Thank you for coming to our assembly!

April 28, 2016

Thank you to you all for coming to our assembly! We tried so hard and Miss Traer is very very proud of us! We wrote it all ourselves and we had to think hard about our own ambitions as well as researching about ambitious famous people we knew. We loved it! 🙂    

Beaulieu- The Blind Leading the Blind

April 27, 2016

Group 2 have had a fantastic start to their time here in Beaulieu and have done some team-building exercises. They had to arrange numbered tiles and work together to negotiate an obstacle course- whilst blindfolded! We then had to look after the animals- no kidding, we were great at milking the goats. 3 members of […]

Beaulieu- The Current Group Flow Out And Group 2 Stream In

April 27, 2016

Just a quick update to reassure you that group 2 are here! They have embraced the puns and have had a Beauliful time naming the sheep- Lady Baa-Baa!