All about nappies

February 29, 2016

Today Science Club have been looking at the amazing materials that are used to make disposable nappies!  We took apart some (clean! unused!) nappies to see the layers, fastenings and elastic.  Then we looked closer and noticed that the nappies contain small granules of superabsorbent polymer material that can absorb large amounts of liquid. But […]

telling time with Roman numerals

February 29, 2016

In year 3 we’ve brought in clocks as part of our home learning. We chose how to design our clocks and they had hands that moved so we could use them in our maths lessons. We didn’t use normal numbers we used roman numerals from  I-XII so we could also learn Roman numerals 1-12. Some of […]

Year 4 Home Learning 26.02.16

February 26, 2016

Hello Year 4! This weeks home learning is continuing with our work on Wind In The Willows. Don’t forget, homework club is on Wednesday 12:30 in Y4G. The Year 4 team. Homework week 1

It’s tadpole time again

February 26, 2016

Every year, frogs lay their eggs (frogspawn) in our school pond. This year there is lots of frogspawn!  We have taken a small amount into a tank on the Year 3 corridor so you can see the frogspawn develop into tadpoles over the next few weeks.  Once the tadpoles have become froglets, we will release […]

Challenge Your Family!

February 25, 2016

Hello Year 4,   As requested, here is the All Star challenge from our perimeter lesson to test your family- can you outsmart your parents and siblings? Give it a go here:   Perimeter All Star Mastery

Year 4 Maths Home Learning- Miss Howells’s Group

February 25, 2016

Hello Year 4, Here’s this week’s home learning- it’s all about area and perimeter. It now comes with a new and improved crab design! Enjoy! Maths Homework 2 March Area and Perimeter

To download Scratch 1.4

February 24, 2016

To download Scratch 1.4 and continue to work on your project, click on this link: 

Year 3 Homework

February 24, 2016

First of all just to say a huge well done,  we were all very impressed with your amazing clocks and work on Roman numerals. For our homework this week, we are completing the following tasks. English / Maths – Learn the poem “30 Days have September” – look at intonation and expression when performing, as […]

Puppets, puppets everywhere!!

February 24, 2016

We have been busy designing and making puppets in design technology! We looked at the class puppets and thought about how we could make our own. We noticed that all the puppets were stitched with thread but we also experimented with staples and glue- we decided these were a bit messy and we wanted to try sewing! We […]

Fingerprint detectives

February 22, 2016

Your fingerprints are unique – no-one else in the whole world has the same fingerprint pattern as you!  In Science Club this week we have been exploring an easy way to detect and study fingerprints using cocoa powder. If you touch a piece of paper, you leave fingerprints on the surface even though you can’t […]