Science Club Christmas concert

November 30, 2015

Science Club finished with plenty of noise today as we made these musical(?) instruments and investigated how sounds are made by vibrations. We constructed the musical ‘horns’ from cardboard tubes, yogurt pots, straws and balloons.  Then we found ways to alter the pitch of the sound. Can you tell what festive Christmas song we are […]

Maths Game – Hit the Button

November 30, 2015

Hedgehog Class really enjoyed playing hit the button today and got very competitive each time trying  to beat our best score!  As promised here is the link so you can practice at home. Playing these games will really help with your mental maths skills.  I wonder who can get the best score…. Challenge your parents, brothers and […]

Cleaning the Colosseum

November 30, 2015

We’ve been trying to help a unlucky Roman slave called Maximus Messius  who has to clean Colosseum after gladiator fights, battles and chariot races. He is trying to please his master Grumpius  but he can’t find the most absorbent material to mop up the spills. We are finding ways to measure how much liquid each material absorbs.  How […]

Something strange is happening…

November 30, 2015

What is happening with the energy drinks?      

Poetry is FUN!!

November 29, 2015

In Y3D this week we have been listening to poems by the poet Valerie Bloom. Our favourites include Chickenpoxed and the Ghost, but we love to perform Pinda Cake!  What is your favourite poem?   PS Look what I found when I was searching the internet!Valerie Bloom performing Pinda Cake

Multiplication grid style!

November 29, 2015

This week in maths we have been learning a new method for multiplication called the Grid Method.  We have worked very hard and our teachers are pleased with what we have achieved.  This week’s homework is to practise this method further, please click on the link below to find the accompanying sheet.  multiplication grid homework

Lights! Camera! Action!

November 28, 2015

This week we have been writing our own versions of Little Red Riding Hood. To celebrate the end of our class story we split up into groups and acted it out. As it turns out we have some fabulous actors and actresses in the Badger class! Well done everyone!

Maths can be murder!

November 27, 2015

We’ve had to think hard in maths today as Mr BG stung us with an inverse timestables test, a mental maths challenge AND a murder mystery problem solving activity that really challenged our knowledge and understanding of time.    Thank goodness it’s nearly the weekend! We’re going to need a rest! 

Maths Home Learning- Miss Howells’s Group

November 26, 2015

Bonjour! This week’s home learning is to consolidate finding fractions of amounts. Remember, to find the fraction of an amount when you have a unit fraction (the numerator is 1), divide the amount by the denominator. Have fun and I hope it doesn’t make you too hungry- if it does, feel free to make them […]

This week’s Year 5 home learning…

November 26, 2015

This week’s home-learning is attached… Literacy 12 days of xmas 27,11,15 Homework for Mrs Saleh maths group Miss Murphy’s maths group. 27.11.15 Mr Baker-Gall’s Maths Group – 27.11.15