Magic Squares

July 9, 2018

Year 2 mathematicians have been showing great perseverance today by trying to solve magic squares.  They used a trial and error method and had a great attitude.  Well done.


If you want to try more then use the link below for an interactive magic square.  Good Luck!

Swampy fun

July 8, 2018

We had a squidgy, slimy, swampy time in Year 3 Arty Science Group this week when we found out about SuperAbsorbent Polymers (SAPs).  These are granules made from a clever chemical that absorbs water and swells up to form a soft jelly.

We looked at the product called ‘Gelli Baff’ and made bowlfuls of brightly coloured goo that were great fun to play with !

We also explored some larger ‘water gel crystals’ that looked like ice.  These had been coloured with different food colourings.  We have arranged layers of the jelly crystals to see what will happen to them when they are left for a week …. I wonder what they will look like?

Science Day 2018

June 28, 2018

What an excellent science day we’re having!   I’ve been to lots of classes and seen fantastic science taking place.  There will be pictures of all our activities to follow but if you want to know how to skewer a balloon then you can download the sheet below.  Maybe even have a go yourself but YOU MUST HAVE AN ADULT WITH YOU because skewers are sharp!

Science Day balloon


Mrs Lancaster

Home Learning Year 1 – Magic Maths!

June 26, 2018

For this week’s Home Learning, we would like you to challenge yourself with some Maths!

Can you write down pairs of numbers to total 7? Can you put them in an order?


0+7 = 7

1 + 6 = 7

When you have done this, can you then use your Maths’ knowledge to work out pairs of numbers to 17? Remember our learning in class! (You need to add a 10 to one of the numbers). Can you spot the pattern?

We would love to see your learning, so please give your completed challenge to your class teacher.  You are Marvellous Mathematicians!! Good luck and have fun!

The Year 1 Team

Wax resist painting

June 24, 2018

We have been making some colourful works of art in Year 3 Arty Science Group this week.

First we drew onto paper with white wax candles. Then we painted over the paper.  The coloured paint soaked into the paper because paper is absorbent.  But where we had drawn with the candle, the surface was waxy and waterproof and the paint just rolled off.  This created some lovely effects and made ‘hidden’ messages appear.

Here are some of our wax resist paintings

Year 1 Home Learning 22 June 2018

June 22, 2018

Please continue to share books with your children this weekend, and to read for pleasure! Remember to use the valuable resources on Bug Club, and if you are unsure about your log in details, contact your child’s class teacher.

Just a reminder – the Reading Challenge finishes next Friday, 29 June. Don’t forget to hand in the completed castles and your child will receive a certificate and a special bookmark. A huge well done and congratulations to the children from each class who have already completed their challenge!

The Year 1 Team

Animal hotels

June 16, 2018

We are very fortunate to have some lovely new animal hotels and habitats around our school wildlife area!

The Science Stars CDM team have helped us in a bid to be awarded a Nature Grant from the Learning Through Landscapes scheme, supported by the People’s Postcode Lottery.  They shared a questionnaire with all the children in the school to ask which equipment they would like to have for outdoors learning and the children voted for this fantastic selection of animal hotels to encourage wildlife into our school grounds.

We now have a frog habitat, a hedgehog home and some magnificent insect hotels

The Year 4 Science Stars have placed them around our outdoors area and we are looking forward to seeing animals discover their new homes and shelters!

Moving and twisting

June 16, 2018

In Year 3 Arty Science Group we held some little cellophane shapes in our hands and were amazed to see how they wriggled and jiggled and twisted around.  But what was making them move? We knew that they weren’t actually alive!

We investigated whether it was the heat from our body, or the moisture on the palms of our hands.

Then we made or own shapes to find which were the the best at wriggling and bending.  We found that having points and corners helped the cellophane be more acrobatic.


Year 1 Phonics Screening

June 15, 2018

A huge Well Done to all the Year 1 children for working so hard at their phonics in the Phonics Screening Check this week. We are so proud of each and every one of you!

The results will form part of the end of year school report which is sent out in July. The teachers are unable to discuss individual results at the moment, as the pass mark has yet to be published. If there are any parents we need to talk to, this will be done once we know the pass mark, so please bear with us!

Thank you to parents for working so hard with the children at home, practising their phonics.  Your support is very much appreciated! We have decided that there will not be any Home Learning this week, but instead, the children would love to share a book with their family. Remember to continue using Bug Club, too!  If any of the children have forgotten their login details, please see your class teacher who can supply these for you.

Once again, huge thanks to parents and children for your hard work. You should all feel extremely proud of the children’s achievements!

The Year 1 Team

Bug Club

June 8, 2018

Bug Club provides some excellent resources to help the children with their reading comprehension and with their phonics!

school code ax9g

The children will need their username and password to log on.

If you are unsure about your log in details, please see your class teachers, who can provide you with the details.

The Year 1 Team